Association of Haryanvis in Australia

Traditionally Haryanvis didn’t believe in migrating to other places and had always been content living in their own prosperous state. However, with globalisation and opening-up of world economies, Haryanvis started migrating for work or for lifestyle. The last 10-15 years have seen a considerable migration of Haryanvi population to not only Australia but other parts of the world including UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany & Spain. With an estimated Haryanvi diaspora of over 25,000 in Australia, an organisation was the need of the hour that could not only preserve and promote the rich Haryanvi culture of brotherhood & industriousness amongst Haryanvis and their future generations but also enable them to integrate better with Australian values & Culture.

With this vision in mind, The Association of Haryanvis in Australia (AHA) was formed on 29thof June 2018 and formally launched on 5th October 2018 in the Parliament of New South Wales, Australia.

Whilst we continue to work towards our long-term goals, our immediate priorities include bringing together the Haryanvi community through social events and interpersonal interactions, development of a RecreationCentre for our Seniors and assisting new migrants and students by providing them with much needed guidance, advise and support.

Another important task that AHA envisages to do is to find avenues to assist the Australian States in building better relations with Haryana for exchange of business, culture and other mutually transferrable assets.

We have set out with a clear vision and objectives and would look forward to the continued support of the wider community and the government.?

Our Vision

Maintain culture, provide assistance and contribute to larger community

Living in a country like Australia is a privilege indeed and we are lucky to call this beautiful country home. While we fulfil our obligations and duties as responsible Indian Australians, as proud Haryanvis we also need to keep our unique culture alive, contribute to the society, celebrate our vibrant festivals and thrive as a community in Australia. The Association of Haryanvis in Australia (AHA) has  completed two successful years in pursuit of our goals. The journey has been rewarding and we all have a long way to go together.

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