Phaag 2021


By now even the locals at Stanwell Park should see it coming. Our favourite location for celebrating Holi was once again awash in colour, music and mirth on March 28, 2021 as AHA members and their families got together to splash loads of fun around. Not surprisingly, many locals couldn't resist and jumped in for a memorable experience.



On the same day, 28th March 2021, Melbourne got a taste of India's most popular festival around the world!. On the lovely Sandbridge Beach, Victorian AHA families and friends painted the area red, blue, green and much more. Have a look at the magic of Phaag in Melbourne. Gallery


AHA's growing family now has a home in Adelaide too. For their first AHA Holi celebrations, the Adelaide chapter selected the gorgeous Semaphore Beach and made sure everyone around got more than a glimpse of what Phaag is all about - colour, dance, food and some well earned punishment for the menfolk!




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