Teej 2020


If we have changed the way we work and socialise, can celebration be far behind? With the formidable virus affecting all aspects of life, there needs to be flexibility in how we do things. So we had to change the venue of our Teej 2020 Celebrations from a public place to....everyone's home!

We may have been far apart, but the infectious festive spirit was on full display during our Virtual Teej Celebrations. And it was not just a local affair, we had some eminent Haryanvis joining us too! Famous folk singer Mahavir Guddu presented his famous ?Kissa Shiv-Parvati? to respected actor and cultural activist Dr Maha Singh Punia who was proud to be part of our celebrations.

A big thank you to every one who joined us to celebrate our favourite rural festival and to those who sent their good wishes. Let us hope next year we can all be together in one large place or a beautiful sunny day and have double the fun!



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